COVID-19 Update: Train exclusively and in luxury! Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we are limited to one session per hour to help make your training session as safe and comfortable as possible. What a better way to keep you and your clients safe, than to be the only ones in the gym?! Online booking is available! Contact us now for more details!

Train in Luxury

 We are a boutique independent training facility located in Murray Hill on 5th Avenue (between 38/39th St). We offer a modern & elegant, functional training facility, that includes towel service and shower. We limit the amount of trainers per hour to insure that you and your client are not competing for space. The cost to use our facility is $35/hr per client, and we offer discounts with the purchase  of a package of 10 or more sessions.

To schedule a complimentary tour or to find out more information, please Contact Us